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Fila Brasileiro puppies

Fila Brasileiro puppies

Our search for Fila dogs with correct posture and true temperament started 20 years ago after few accidents that we experienced with the dogs acquired from some domestic and European Fila breeders. It turned out (as we were later acknowledged) that all Filas that we bought previously were not true Fila Brasileiro but mix breeds (mongrels). A series of misfortunate health issues included bloat, absence of ojeriza, unstable nervous system and generally short life span. We even had one litter before knowing that our dogs are not correct Fila Brasileiros. More accurately, our female that won so many CACIB titles at FCI dog shows was a mix breed English mastiff type. The stud wasn’t ours but also questionable and the puppies born from such a combination were beautiful but without typical temperament and some puppies had dysplastic hips although neither of parents suffered from hip dysplasia.

Internet wasn’t an option back than so we traveled to Czech Republic (CAFIB exposition) to meet the people that could lead us in our goal of finding authentic Fila Brasileiro pair for our kennel. We imported both dogs from Brazil and from different kennels. As already mentioned it is a huge difference between an authentic Fila Brasileiro and the mix bred regarding health, temperament and exterior.




Seven strong and healthy, authentic Fila Brasileiro puppies were born on 13th May 2016! Now six out of seven puppies from litter B live with their new loving families in Europe while we kept one female puppy in our home. Her name is Bela Harakhan.

Mother: AMA (Ita do Itanhandu)

Father: HENARO (Fito el Siledin)

Harakhan puppies are FCI registered, vaccinated and microchipped, with EU pet passports and export pedigrees.

We have various options for transport of the puppies to their new homes in Europe and USA (Germany from 300 EUR, France from 400 EUR, USA from 950 USD etc.)

If you would like to acquire a Fila Brasileiro you should know that having a Fila Brasileiro is a great privilege. You need to be aware that you acquire a unique and rare dog breed and consequently such a dog should be grown with adequate care and knowledge!

If you need any information on Fila Brasileiro breed or advice how to raise your puppy feel free to contact us – our knowledge, experience and love of the breed oblige us to help!