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Leather Dog Collars

uniquely designed and personalized

Leather dog collars designed by WORKSHOP SAURI

We put our knowledge and our love together to create a perfect dog walking collar, one that will be both functional and eye-catching. Sauri leather dog collars are compact, firm but not stiff. Some models are designed for gentler lady dogs and some dog collars are made exceptionally mighty using a full grain harness leather. Those are exactly the dog collars that we found to be the best solution for huge powerful males: because of its width the collar sits where it should and the multi layered leather serves as a choke collar should – stopping the dog from pulling you too hard. Sauri leather dog collars can be personalized, with the dog’s name plate.

Hand stitched leather dog collars

We design and handcraft custom made personalized leather dog collars for medium, large and giant dog breeds. All Sauri leather dog collars are characterized by the highest quality of stitching and materials used. We use durable harness leather for large dog breeds. For smaller dogs we may use softer fancy leather and machine stitch. For ornamentation we mostly use copper and brass plates, decorative rivets, conchos and vintage elements. All of them we fix safely. We also make personalized brass ornaments and hand print leather to achieve a special artistic look with every single dog collar. Hand rubbing of a contrasting color accentuates a natural grain and / or embossing.

The story about Sauri hand stitched dog collars begins with the dog collars that we designed and made for our own dogs. Twenty years of choosing between choke collars and different buckle collars left us with a simple conclusion: when taking a large breed dog to a walk none of the dog collars we used didn’t serve quite well. Choke collars are hard to sit where they should (high on the dog’s neck) and if they don’t sit properly then they do not serve their purpose. Huge dogs (like Tosa and other tall and robustly built Molossers) pull hard in certain situations. We didn’t find metal choke collars to be a great solution during the colder weather conditions especially if you are out on a long walk.