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Leather Dog Harnesses

heavy-duty and personalized

Leather dog harnesses that we design can be divided into the following groups according to their purpose: Harnesses for dog training routines are hand crafted for medium, large and giant dog breeds (M/L and L/XL size). We mostly make leather dog harnesses with the handle for smoother dog handling. M/L size fits all working type dogs such as Labrador retriever, American Bulldog, American Staffordshire, Bull and Pitbull Terrier and L/XL size goes for e.g. Rottweiler, Rhodesian Ridgeback, all molossoid and mastiff breeds. There is one specially designed leather dog harness for giant dog breeds, a very strong, impressive, everlasting dog product that we recommend for the dogs like Kangal, Sredneaziatska ovcharka, Caucasian and Illyrian shepherd dog. For the breeds that must undergo a temperament test at dog shows (e.g. Fila Brasileiro) we design unique personalized leather harnesses with the dog’s name on and with the logo/name of the kennel. For sled dogs there are several models all of which designed to enable safe pulling of the load. Apart from the working harnesses at Workshop Sauri we also design attractive and fashionable harnesses for the purpose of dog walking. Those can be made with round edges and handmade of softer, fancy leather. These are primarily made for Large poodles, Chow chow, Samoyed and other similar long-haired breeds because of their rich coats that need special care. All of our dog harnesses can be made with or without ornaments. Sauri unique harnesses are made in a multitude of colors. Sometimes we use vintage elements. Custom made harnesses can be made of embossed or hand printed fancy leather but working harnesses are mostly made of black or brown full grain leather.