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Ornamented dog collar means that leather surface is not plain but decorated. Decorations can be of several kinds:
1) brass or copper stampings – Ready to use stampings often wearing a verdigris patina. These ornaments give the antique looks (Darjeeling Dog Collar)
2) brass or copper plates with specific, original engraving. When designing a personalized dog collar engraving can represent either a stylized name of the dog or other personal emblems based on the customer’s wish. (Castiel Dog Collar, Tara Dog Collar, Kairos Dog Collar)
3) vintage elements – if we use vintage ornaments (small art pieces dated from 1930 to 1980) we shall name the resulting creation as a dog collar with vintage elements. However when a vintage ornament is the key element of the collar design than such a collar shall be tagged as a vintage dog collar (e.g. Royal Vintage Dog Collar where the central corona is taken from the 60 years old decorative inkpot)
4) decorative rivets and conchos