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FREYA | Personalized dog collar


A custom made collar for Dogo Canario female named Freya.

If you want a special handmade leather collar for your beautiful dog pal contact us today and let us know your ideas.



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A custom made collar for Dogo Canario female named Freya combining black and red embossed leather with solid brass fitting and vintage brass wings. Hand stitched in 3 leather layers. Areas of the largest pressure (buckle, D-ring) are additionally strengthened. A durable collar and very comfortable for dogs to wear.

Not only does the collar look great, it is robust and gains with the usage.

Smallest hole size: 51cm (20 in)
Largest hole size: 61cm (24 in)
Overall length: 71cm (28 in)
Width: 6cm (2.36 in)

This collar like all SAURI collars from A collection is a UNIQUE product. It means that we can design a similar one when the one shown in the shop is out of stock.


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