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Modern leather dog leash | plaited


Unique plaited leather dog leash. Fine leather, durable handmade leather leash in various lengths.

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Unique red leather dog leash. Modern and durable.
Suitable for all large breed dogs, molossers, terriers.

Selecting a right leash for your dog is mostly based on personal preference, but sometimes purpose and function prevail. In Harakhan kennel shop you can find dog walking and dog training leashes, also the leads for dog shows. Those are usually 2m long (over 6ft). It may be necessary to consider the size of your dog too. Smaller dogs don’t typically need a wide, heavy leash, whereas larger dogs prone to pulling require a strong leash. A hand stitched leather leash is the best choice for powerfully built dogs. The real benefit of using the traditional method of sewing by twin needles is, that should one of the stitches ever break, it doesn’t run, unlike machine stitched leashes. Leather is also a highly durable material that becomes even more beautiful over time unlike other materials such as nylon or rope.

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brown, natural, black, red


80 cm, 120 cm, 140 cm