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NARA | Unique handmade dog collar


Designed for medium to large dogs. Feel free to contact us for any additional info you may need.

Out of stock


Antique Brown Dog Collar with Lion Embossing, hand printed underlayer and nubuck background leather. Hand antiqued. With brass patina ornaments.

The collar was completely hand stitched. It is resistant to cracking and stretching and will serve a long time of day-to-day use. All ornaments are securely fixed. Leather edges were hand skived, polished and painted for more elegant look and suppler feel around the neck.

Sauri leather dog collars are compact – firm but not stiff. They are especially well fitted for large and giant dog breeds due to the hand stitching that nowadays is almost forgotten skill but irreplaceable for those in need of practically indestructible dog gear.

Smallest hole size: 51cm (20 in)
Largest hole size: 61cm (24 in)
Overall length: 71cm (28 in)
Width: 6cm (2.5 in)

Contact us if you have any question about this product. You should measure your dog before ordering.

NARA handmade dog collar is a UNIQUE product. It means that we can design a similar one when the one shown in the shop is out of stock.