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TILAKAM | Unique handmade dog collar


Designed for large dog breeds. If you want a custom collar made for your dog contact us and let us know your ideas.


Out of stock


Elegant Brown Leather Dog Collar with Indigo Stripes and a Red Dot

Both elegant and durable this handmade dog collar is resistant to cracking and stretching – composed of 3 leather layers (each 4 mm thick) hand stitched together. Where the largest exposure to pressure (around the buckle and D-ring) the collar is strengthened with the fourth leather layer. Nubuck background leather. No rivets on inner side of the collar. Handmade and hand stitched.

Smallest hole size: 56 cm (22 in)
Largest hole size: 67 cm (26 in)
Overall length: 76 cm (30 in)
Width: 7cm (2.75 in)

This dog collar like all SAURI dog collars from A collection is a UNIQUE product. It means that we can design a similar one when the one shown in the shop is out of stock.


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