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Welcome to Harakhan Kennel’s Dog Accessories Shop, a place where you can buy the most beautiful personalized leather dog collars, embellished dog collars, designer dog collars for small, medium and large dog breeds – all designed and handmade by Workshop Sauri.  There is also a variety of flat and plaited leather leashes and durable leather harnesses.

Personalized dog collars by Workshop Sauri

Take a look at Workshop SAURI’s unique leather dog collars and feel inspired for your own collar design.  If there is a special symbolic related to your dog’s name, we can incorporate it in the collar design. Each custom made dog collar tells a different story and reveals a special human-canine bond. Go ahead and order a personalized leather collar for your dog too! If you are interested to order a dog collar that is out of stock, remember that we can design a very similar one. Customization is also possible regarding the size and color, but not for every collar design. Contact us for more information.