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Terms & Conditions


We use PayPal as a payment method. Your credit card information is encrypted by SSL process. Through this high level of security, you can be assured that your payment is safe and secure.
Every customer is obliged to measure the dog (neck width, chest girth etc.) before ordering. Please purchase seriously because Sauri leather dog products are uniquely hand crafted art pieces. Hand crafting process implies many working hours and a serious craftsmanship. We cannot accept refunds or exchanges by default. For custom made orders we take 50% (non-refundable) down payment before leather is cut in accordance with the measures that the customer had given to us. The agreed price of the custom made item (collar, harness or leash) can be altered if the customer changes the original measurements during the process of crafting a custom made order or if the customer keeps having new wishes (i.e. different ornaments, embossing etc.). We are working most eagerly on finding the right design solution for every custom made order. We communicate thoroughly with each customer because we recognize the importance of custom made orders, i.e. the power and beauty of the special human-canine relationship that lies behind it. So as dog lovers, artists and humans we give our best in creating beautiful and unique pet gifts.
Workshop Sauri uses the official postal service of Serbia (JP “Posta Srbije”) as the carrier. Parcels are shipped as certified priority mail, with the tracking number and delivery on signature for added security. If the first delivery attempt is unsuccessful, your local post office will normally hold a package for pick up or redelivery 15 days after the first delivery attempt. Please keep track of your order to avoid delivery delays or unclaimed label (when the parcel is not picked up at the destination post office and/or the purchaser made no attempt to schedule re-delivery in a timely manner).
All Sauri leather products are packed as fragile items, especially unique leather dog collars where each ornament as well as the whole collar is being wrapped with a bubble wrap then placed in a box filled with strong wrapping paper for additional support during the shipping. Customers need to report any damages of the parcel and/or missing items as soon as they receive the parcel. All intermediary post offices need to keep their record of the shipments in transit to ascertain the responsibility for the damage that occurred during transit. If the customer receives a damaged parcel this should be reported IMMEDIATELY UPON DELIVERY TO THE DELIVERING POSTAL SERVICE. If the customer doesn’t file a claim to the destination post office, Workshop Sauri won’t be able to compensate for the damage.
Because of the nature of our business, refunds are typically not permitted unless there are very special circumstances, which we will determine on a case by case basis. This is because the majority of our collars are custom ordered, though some considerations can be made if you are not happy with your order, such as shop credit or an exchange, minus the shipping cost.
Our collars are made with top of the line materials by expert craftsmen. We are not responsible for your dog damaging their collar. The guarantee does not cover normal wear and tear like chewing, scratching or dings to the decorations. However we do want to replace the conchos, rivets and other hardware for the lifetime of the collar. Customers must send the collar back to us, at their own expense, for repairs to be made and also cover a cost of the return shipping.