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HENARO (Fila Brasileiro)


Born 10.10.2014.

Henaro is a true Fila Brasileiro, a strong, vital and unusually charming dog. His name comes from a book written by Carlos Castaneda. Don Henaro was a wise man and a magician. 

Born in El Siledin kennel from impressive parents, with his prominent ojeriza, great devotion to his human family and with rather rare coat color (araca, like a tiger) that he took upon his father, Henaro is a great Fila Brasileiro male, with great body structure, strong bones, wide, deep chest and wonderful, heavy head.



As a 2 months old puppy we took him on a night train on our way back from El Siledin kennel in Spain. I put him beside me on a top bed. Henaro seemed asleep but even at this young age he had a clear idea of his own space so he barked and growled at everyone entering the train. Of course it looked funny to us, because we knew that he was a puppy but again it showed us that we made the right decision choosing him. Jenaro is unbribable, he has his family which he loves absolutely and all the others which he keeps at distance.

Henaro isn’t aggressive or intrusive in the interaction with other dogs in his pack. On the contrary he is the peacemaker, with a white tip of his tail pointing out as if he was saying “I surrender, now let’s go and play!”

Henaro has many wonderful character traits but the boldness has to be pointed out – he is very passionate, dignified and disarming dog.

His sweetheart is of course Ama, they play around and tease each other all day long. Ama – the favorite playmate in Harakhan kennel – may seem inpatient and rough at certain points but she only trains him as to become more mature. Jenaro on the other side is endlessly charming with an immense patience for his dear Ama: being older than Henaro, she is not always in a mood to play.