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AMA (Fila Brasileiro)

AMA, Fila Brasileiro female

Born 13.06.2013

Born in Itanhandu kennel, famous for breeding authentic and healthy Fila Brasileiro dogs.

Ama short for Amazon. Fila so playful, wild and daring. Ama short for Amica. In Italian it means a friend. Ama in Serbian means enough, adequate, satisfying. Our Ama has beautiful exterior, strong health and well defined feminity. Outstandingly brave, determined and loyal.



From the first moment Ama arrived she has been showing us what she was made of. It was a very long trip for such a young dog all the way from Brazil, all alone in a transport cage or surrounded by total strangers. When she finally arrived to Belgrade airport we had to wait for another five hours for the paperwork in the customs. Under those circumstances a lot of dogs (either Fila or other dog breeds) would be disorientated but Ama didn’t even look confused! And all the anticipation and exhausting waiting was rewarded when we saw our Fila girl curiously looking at us behind the bars of her travel cage. Really, there is nothing as cute as a Fila Brasileiro puppy!

From that first moment she gave us a hint of what a Fila dog she was. And during our first walk she spontaneously ran into the river – without hesitation or fear!  Ama is curios, joyful, playful and fearless, a dominant Fila Brasileiro female in her pack but also righteous, not aggressive to other dogs, the protector of the youngsters, even kittens.

Her temperament is both daring and charming. She looks at us as if we were divine and though it may seem somewhat funny that any being treat you as a God but this is a part of the adorable Fila character – to be addictive to their owners.