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KALI (Tosa Inu)


Born 12.05.2014.

Beautiful, black Tosa inu female, Kali has a wonderful character, most typical head and strong, compact body.


Playful with other dogs, bold, sportive and patient, she is a very good pack member and an amusing companion. In her playfulness she almost has a sense of humor, the way that she gives in when cuddled and the way she plays with other dogs. Kali is extremely athletic and fast and has a very pronounced guarding instinct. So even when most relaxed she will jump first to investigate some strange noise or occurrence because she is always on the watch. Kali isn’t aggressive dog but she will defend herself relentlessly if attacked. Our friend visited us and his Dogo Canario female accompanied him. Kali kept close to us, smelled the new female but didn’t pay too much attention to her. But this female attacked her. In a second Kali turned around and bit her. She didn’t show any sign of fear or confusion. We separated them and again Kali remained calm and undisturbed. With the dogs that are smaller or weaker she is very tactful and caring whereas with the dogs that equals her strength she wants to play and combat through that play. She hunts most eagerly.